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Passbox Manufacturers In Vasai

We are leading Passbox Manufacturers In Vasai.

Enhance your production efficiency with clean room equipments, We, V Star are manufacturer of Pass Box based out of Mumbai, India and have almost ten years of successful experience in designing, manufacturing and installing such equipment all over India. At V Star, we present you static pass box and dynamic pass box equipment at a very competitive price. These clean room pass box chambers are custom designed, rugged and made of high grade stainless steel, these can be installed in a multiple ways, depending on the wall or door that will provide support. These equipments are supplied in pharmaceutical, semiconductor and food industries to meet the most demanding controlled environment conditions.

Features :

Precision designing and finish, High grade stainless steel construction, Choice of mechanical or electrical interlocked, Static and Dynamic Pass Box models, Floor and wall mounted design, Maximum chemical resistance construction, CE and ISO certified UV light along with hour meter Buzzer indication to know the material is kept inside, Indicating lamp to know the door lock-unlock condition Magnehellic gauge for measuring pressure drop Low Vibration and Noise

Pass Box Manufacturers In Vasai

Static Pass Box :

V Star presents Static Pass Box equipment, fabricated with powder coated 304 / 316 grades stainless steel made of high quality components and are capable of eradicating pollutants completely from the air. These static pass boxes are installed in manufacturing areas where it helps to filter the incoming air in order to keep the air free from dust and other contaminants. With UV light along with hour meter, Fluorescent light, buzzer indicator to know the material is kept inside and indicating lamp, these static pass boxes provide excellent working performance in the clean room unit.

Dynamic Pass Box :

Dynamic Pass Box equipment are made of powder coated high grades stainless steel (304 / 316 / 316 L) with international quality standard components including mechanically or electrically interlocked doors and UV light. These dynamic pass box equipment are equipped with suction filter made of stainless steel with 95% down to 5µ efficiency (EU-4rating) and supply filter made of aluminium with 99.999% down to 0.001 µ (EU-14 Rating.) An interlock guard system controls the inlet and the outlet of PASS BOX not be opened at the same time, in order to prevent the cross contamination.

Dynamic Pass Box Manufacturers in Vasai